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A brief post to point out some “Roadside Americana.”   I have always enjoyed those books like “Weird America,” and “Weird New Jersey” that show all kinds of crazy local stuff and report on local folklore and legends, this happened here, people have reported seeing this there, etc.

Mr. Bill, on Rt. 73 south of Berlin, NJ (top.)   Looks like the old ice cream joint is closed.  Boy – for those of us who are familiar with Mad Magazine – Doesn’t Mr. Bill look a lot like Alfred E. Neuman?

I have visited the giant roadside dinosaurs in Cabazon, CA more than once (near Palm Springs.)  I have driven by the World’s Largest Ear of Corn in Rochester, MN, but have not yet made it to the World’s Largest Ball of String.  I forget where that is.  Anyway, I drove through South Jersey just this past weekend and here is a very small sampling of some strange things from New Jersey.  More to come, because New Jersey is a strange place!

I call this The Hubcap Pyramid.  This is on the south side of the Black Horse Pike / 322, roughly southeast of Hammonton (which, by the way, is “The Blueberry Capitol of The World.”)

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Just a lone sign, also on 322, advertising simply, “Free Stuff.”Blog revised pics 018




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And forgive this digression from New Jersey, but I thought I’d throw this in.  This is the World’s Largest Golf Tee, in Southern Indiana.  I drove by it this past March and I’m sorry I don’t recall the name of the town.

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  1. I agree with you. Mr. Bill could be Alfred E. Neuman’s identical twin. I find it interesting what people will create and display along the roadside. I also believe that the larger than life displays are from a time in America when life wasn’t taken as serious and people had time to slow down and cruise America and the back roads. When I look at the picture I can envision Mr. Bill there with the ‘Spy vs Spy’ as they try to outdue each other.

    Love your blog.

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