Cape May in July

We spent this past long weekend visiting family in Cape May, NJ, and it was a great time as always, though we endured a bit of a July heat wave. Rumored rain did not appear and it was HOT! I like the summer heat but Mrs. Working Stiff is not so enthusiastic in that regard. The first picture is a view of the marsh (the back yard in effect) from the deck.

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Cape May is a beautiful town at the southern end of the Garden State Parkway and is in fact the southern tip of New Jersey. The historic center of town is frequently referred to as either the largest, or at least one of the largest – standing collections of Victorian architecture in the US. The concentration of these wonderful old buildings has to do largely with the aftermath of a huge fire that destroyed much of the town center in 1878.   One result is that in the decade or two following, the town was largely rebuilt in the popular Victorian style of that era. Many houses are very ornate and have lots of fancy gingerbread trim and porches sporting hundreds of spindles. Brilliant and sometimes gaudy color combinations are common.


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Cape May trip 07172015 045You could easily spend hours or even days just walking around admiring the architectural details, and in fact there is a long tradition of architecture students or just buffs from all over the country doing just that.


If you can pry yourself away from the houses though, there is a great and varied selection of drinking and dining venues in town. There are numerous nationally recognized fancier restaurants and also quite a few really good pub-type and other more casual choices to choose from. Cape May has long been known as a fine dining town where you can pretty much eat whatever you want.

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The wife and I were in one of our favorite spots one night – The King Edward Room at The Chalfonte Hotel, (AKA “The King Eddy Room”,) for a glass of wine.   Since Cape May is what I consider to be my home town, I am accustomed to being in a store or bar and not necessarily knowing any of the clientele, but frequently knowing the owner, or the manager, or at least the staff. Well, in this case at The King Eddy Room, I guess you really know you’re getting long in the tooth when instead of knowing the bartender, you graduated from high school with her father! Yikes!

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I’ll be writing about the town more but here are just a few pictures to enjoy.

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