Blue Lizard

Another shameless plug for a travel accessory that we have really used on numerous trips and has proven itself to be worthy of our high esteem.


Mrs. Working Stiff is of Irish descent and has a very fair complexion that she goes to great lengths to protect from potential sun damage. She is always researching the latest technologies to help her enjoy being outside in tropical climes (or Pennsylvania and the Jersey shore in the summer for that matter!) Through her I have learned over the years about special clothing with SPF protection, and a laundry additive that adds some level of SPF protection to otherwise ordinary clothing. I have learned about such things as rash guards and have learned that some beach umbrellas offer SPF protection and some don’t. (I just thought a beach umbrella gave you some shade.)

She works hard to protect her skin from the sun but does not let any of that deter her from enjoying the beach or the outdoors in general. Technology helps!

blue lizard

She says this Blue Lizard sunscreen is the best! The main reason, she reports, is quite simply – that it works really well. It does what it advertises and she never gets a sunburn. Believe me – to have 5 or 6 consecutive beach days in the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands and to NOT get a sunburn is an accomplishment not to be dismissed! This is pretty good stuff.

If you google it or just go to some of the major online retailers it should be easy to find. It has proved itself to us many times over.


Happy sunning!


The Working Stiff

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