Kismet Villa, St. John, USVI


Firstly, let me be clear that this entry is about an island rental villa that is NOT somewhere that The Working Stiff or most of his circle of friends and family would be able to stay!

St John 2009 M 284

It so happens that we were renting a house down the hill from this place a few years ago. A vastly less ritzy place to be sure, though quite nice and adequate to our needs. One morning I took a walk up the hill from our rental to take some photos of the beautiful trees and flowers all over the neighborhood. I came upon a gate with a driveway beyond leading to what was clearly some sort of gorgeous and exclusive estate but was mostly hidden from my street view. I was taking a few pictures of the landscaping outside the gate when a man yelled down and invited me up the driveway to check the place out.

St John 2009 M 272

I protested, explaining that we were renting villa so and so down the hill and assured him that we could not afford this place, but he insisted on giving me a first-class tour of this amazing house. Turns out that he was the caretaker and the house was empty for the week in between rentals. Maybe he was just doing good marketing and thought I looked like I might be wealthy enough to rent the place someday.

St John 2009 M 275

Regardless, he showed me around the grounds and inside the house. There was a small theater room with a big screen TV and movie theater seats, a billiard room, and a fantastically well- equipped chef’s kitchen. Intricate woodwork and tile throughout. I believe it sleeps 12 in various levels of luxury.

St John 2009 M 279

The complex was laid out in a sort of semi-circle that embraced a beautiful pool, patio, and hot tub area while a perfectly manicured lawn and tropical flowering plants all around framed the ocean view. The master bedroom had a small pillow-filled tower room that was open air and looked like the private den of an oil-rich sheikh. I found a website for Kismet and I see that it is rented through 2017! I don’t recall exactly but I think he told me it rented for $15K a week or more, so whoever has rented it for 2 years is probably NOT a working stiff!

St John 2009 M 273

Ah well, keep buying those Power Ball tickets!




The Working Stiff

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