Crap Sale in New Jersey

We were driving through Sussex County, NJ this past weekend and passed a few amusing signs.  We just had to turn around and get out the camera!  I just love to find interesting “roadside Americana.”  The natural humor of ordinary people, sometimes intentional, sometimes not.

crap sale 08152015

I’m not really inclined to stop and shop here, but I really do admire their honesty in advertising.  That’s certainly worth something.  I hope they did well and made a little extra cash!



tired and toxic 08152015

Just a bit further up the road from the Crap Sale.  Mrs. Working Stiff and I were not sure if they planned to teach seminar-goers how to be tired and toxic, or if it was simply understood to be a boring and just plain terrible seminar!  In either case I hope tickets weren’t too expensive!


The Working Stiff


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