Bird Brains in Bodega Bay

Bodega schoolhouse far 08182015

For one of our trips to California we did a road trip through Sonoma County wine country along with a side trip up the coast for a few nights in the small cliff-side town of Mendocino. Our plan was to tour wine country first and then cut over to the coast to meander north along the coastal roads and eventually end up in Mendocino. Believe me you need a Dramamine for some of those roads! We did just fine with the driving but also agreed that it was amazing that some of the roads were open for public use. You’d better not be reaching into the glove compartment at the wrong moment or you might just fly off the edge into the Pacific! (Yes, of course you shouldn’t do that anyway.)

Bodega schoolhouse 08182015

One stop we made along the way was the town of Bodega Bay, which is the coastal village on a small bay that Alfred Hitchcock used for the setting of his great movie “The Birds.” In the movie the town is actually called Bodega Bay. It is a small, pleasant, seashore town on a sheltered bay that is home to a small fishing fleet. We didn’t see any gross over-emphasis of the Hitchcock history but there is a gift shop at The Tides restaurant where you can buy all sorts of stuffed birds and other memorabilia.


Maybe about a third of the way into the movie there is a classic scene where Tippi Hedren and the schoolteacher lead the children out of the schoolhouse and they all run down the street towards the wharf area of town. (Why they think it is a good idea to leave the schoolhouse and run outside is I suppose another story!) They run and run and run for what looks like a few blocks down the hill and towards the bay all the while being attacked by a hundred or more crows. While the movie makes it appear that the schoolhouse is up the hill a few blocks from the wharf area, that house is in fact about 5 miles to the southeast in the town of Bodega. Also, there in that town of Bodega, right next to the schoolhouse is a large white church. (See first 3 pictures.) In the scene of the kids running screaming down the hill you can also see a few glimpses of this church about a block over as the camera looks across the kids from their right to their left.

Bodega church 08182015

In this movie Tippi Hedren plays a wealthy San Francisco socialite. She must have been pretty wealthy because the little sports car she drives in on is an Aston Martin DB2 Drop Head Coupe! And this was a few years before James Bond was issued his Aston Martin DB5 complete with tire slashers and ejector seat. A new Aston Martin V12 Vanquish today is probably at least $250,000!

Bodega Bird 08182015

Lastly, I believe a group of crows is called …… a murder of crows…… I wonder if Hitchcock knew that.



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