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This short article is a double shameless plug for 2 related items that we have used on several trips and have found to be well made and very useful. They are both security items that can help prevent your stuff from being stolen if you are on a beach vacation or just if in a hotel for the night. They are both made by a company called Pacsafe.

Pacsafe – Travelsafe

Pacsafe1Sometimes rental houses and hotels come with a substantial safe and sometimes not. If you are lacking a safe, the Travelsafe can really come in handy. There are a few sizes available and I believe we have the smaller size. It is a tough bag made of some fancy nylon and reinforced with steel mesh. You can get a sense of the size from the 1st photo (though I don’t know why you would lock up a magazine in a safe!)

The 2nd photo shows all the junk that I actually had packed into it, for a realistic idea of how you might use it.Pacsafe2

Basically what you do is to load it up with whatever and then pull the steel cable around the top to cinch it closed, loop the rest of the cable around a closet rod and lock it up with the included padlock. Conceal it inside a shirt or coat and there you have it! The 3rd photo shows it mildly concealed inside a shirt in my Pacsafe3closet. I suppose you could loop the cable around a radiator or whatever else you can find but it would be much easier to conceal in and amongst your hanging clothes.


Pacsafe – Retractasafe

The other Pacsafe item that we have is the Retractasafe. This is in essence a combination lock with a retractable steel cable that loops around something and then locks. If you are on the beach and you want to go in for a swim, you loop this through the straps of your backpack and lock the cable around your beach chair, or maybe your big heavy cooler.

pacsafelock1Now of course if someone comes along and wants your backpack badly enough to run away down the beach with your attached beach chair or cooler also, I guess they can do that! Both of these items are just deterrents to make it harder to accomplish an easy grab of your stuff.


Note that the blue bag shown in the pictures is just a photo prop to illustrate how you might use the lock and is not included.



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