The Best Travel Beach Umbrella


This is a fantastic thing but it seems like I’ve been lugging this portable travel umbrella around from beach to beach for years! Oh wait – that’s because I have!

And I’m glad to by the way because this is quite frankly one of the key travel items that makes it possible for Mrs. Working Stiff to spend time on sunny isles and enjoy those beautiful beaches!umbrella2

The Portabrella Portable Travel Beach Umbrella is one of numerous products offered by the Portabrella Company.   We have had a few different models since discovering it some 6-7 years ago.  The one shown in these 3 pictures is several years old and has flown with us to the Virgin Islands and several Bahama islands, earning it’s keep in all cases. Sometimes when I travel I use a large duffel bag and this fits inside easily. We’ve also found that it fits neatly inside our large roller bag diagonally. Packed up in the included travel bag, it is about 24” long and weighs about 6 lbs.

umbrella1Once unpacked at your destination and ready to get to the beach, sling it over your shoulder and go! The shaft has several segments with the first segment being tipped with a large plastic screw that drills into the sand with the aid of an included aluminum cross bar. One great feature is the venting around the top which helps the whole thing to not topple over or blow away in a gust of wind.


The last picture is a real view of a recent Working Stiff beach encampment. This picture shows 2 “sand anchors” in use. I see this feature on the company website as the optional “Tethering Kit,”  and I highly recommend that you spring for that add-on.  (You could also improvise something like it without a great engineering effort.)  What this amounts to is a few small but sturdy nylon bags that you fill with sand and attach to the spokes of the umbrella with a thin nylon cord and keychain-type metal clips. You then position them appropriately based upon wind direction and they help to anchor the edges of your umbrella. If it isn’t very windy you probably don’t need to bother with that at all.

Happy Beaching!

The Working Stiff