Donkeys, Iguanas, and Crabs – Oh My!


There is some interesting wildlife in the islands to be sure! Maybe from watching lots of movies I always expected there to be lots of huge and horrifying spiders, centipedes, and other monstrous bugs, but I haven’t really seen so much of that. A few large spiders – yes, and I saw at least one scorpion that fortunately for you I do not have a picture of. Lots of iguanas and all manner of geckos, anoles, and other smaller lizards. They are common fixtures around the houses and yards. It is nothing extraordinary to see a lizard up on the wall or darting across the deck as you approach.  Click any picture for a larger view.

I’ve been more surprised to see some of the larger and furrier animals though. For example I had no idea before I went to the Virgin Islands how many goats there were all over the place! In some rural parts of St. John it is quite normal to drive around a bend and have to break sharply because there are 6 goats standing in the road! I call that a “St. John traffic jam”.   It is also routine on or around some of the North shore beaches to come across a group of wild donkeys meandering along or just hanging out by the side of the path. They would love a piece of fruit and you can likely pet them, but stay away from those rear legs lest ye be kicked by a spirited beast!

island animals 014

I’m sorry the picture of the giant hermit crab (bottom) is blurry, but it’s the only one I could find. They seem to gather in large communities in parts of the forest.



Oh, and there are plenty of cats and dogs too!





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