September 11, 2015

I was busy today, working on this or that, and had not watched TV or listened to the radio. In something I was doing I finally realized the date today – September 11, of course. Realizing that all of a sudden, and the enormous significance of this date to our country, I thought it made sense to post a few pictures of the new Freedom Tower, which now rises above lower Manhattan near the original footprints of The Twin Towers.

trade center area 09112015

Without Stumbling over myself trying to write something profound, I’ll just say – let’s respectfully remember all those who lost their lives on this date fourteen years ago, as well as all those who lost a loved one or whose lives were otherwise turned upside down.

The Night picture was taken looking due south from SoHo, less than a block below Houston.tower from Soho 09112015

The picture of the whole World Trade Center area with the tower rising high above was taken from a Hudson River Cruise that I took in April.

And the last picture – well I think we all know who that is!liberty 09112015


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