Landscapes of Block Island, RI


Pathway to Mansion Beach
Pathway to Mansion Beach

Block Island is a beautiful and magical place! It has been described as looking a lot like the countryside of Ireland or of Scotland, and has frequently been called “The Bermuda of The North.”

One great aspect to the island is that so much of the land is protected from development.   The island has long been on the list of The Nature Conservancy’s “Last Great Places,” with about 40% of the island land protected. Several local landowners over the years have either donated land for conservation and/or have done land swaps of land parcels in order to allow larger contiguous areas to be protected.

There is great hiking or strolling along quite a few trails through these lands, with several trails and scenic areas being named for generous local donors.

Block Island is graced with not one but two historic lighthouses, with The North Light out at the base of Sandy Point near the northernmost point of the island, and the red brick Southeast Light sitting high above dramatic bluffs on the southeast coast.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! And I loved all the posts about Block Island, for which you obviously have many fond memories. It is a lovely place!

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