LCMR High School Reunion

Delaneys 10032015
Delaney’s Irish Pub

The Hurricane Reunion

It so happens that The Working Stiff is a graduate of Lower Cape May Regional High School, but let’s not bother with minor details such as what year in the distant past that graduation ceremony might have been!

Our ###-year reunion was just this past weekend, right in Cape May City, and was a casual affair. The main event was a catered dinner on Saturday night hosted at the Cape May VFW post on Congress Street, which is a popular spot for large and medium gatherings. A handful of classmates had clearly worked hard to organize all the excellent food, a raffle with all manner of goodies and gift certificates, and a few fun games. I understand that the raffle actually raised a cool $1000 for our class scholarship fund! I think most would agree with me that a good time was had by all and it was just good to catch up with old friends.

Preceding the official dinner on Friday night was an informal get-together at The Rusty Nail on Beach Avenue – (long referred to as “The Nail” by locals.) The Nail is clearly a hot place in town and was busy this past Friday with several different gatherings and different generations enjoying the food, drinks, and the live band. It got crowded as the night wore on but we LCMR classmates were still able to find each other for the most part and catch up on the varied events of years gone by.

back harbor 10022015
Flooding in the Back Harbor Wharf area

One thing about our reunion weekend that ended up mostly fun but could have been bad, was the uninvited guest named “Joaquin.” Yes – that Joaquin! The Hurricane had hung out around the Bahamas for a few days before it started to move north towards the Atlantic coast. When that happens it is of course watched carefully by coastal states including New Jersey and all sorts of preparations get made.   No doubt many people cancelled plans to head to Cape May and other shore towns based upon the weather report, but I was surprised at how many people were still out and about in town and in the bars and restaurants. To us it just meant rain coats and not much outdoor strolling!

The hurricane ended up turning mostly east and out into the Atlantic so we in Cape May just ended up with lots of rain, some really high tides, and some minor (and somewhat routine) flooding in a few low-lying areas.

Seeking lunch on Friday we braved the wind and rain and made it to the famous and iconic Ugly Mug tavern on the Washington Street Mall for a few of their happy-hour appetizers and some cool libations. It was fairly quiet there (it was Friday after all), but they were doing some business. I was happy to see that my

The Ugly Mug
The Ugly Mug

dusty old mug was still hanging there on the ceiling amongst the hundreds of others and as an added bonus was still pointed in the right direction. (Readers who are up on their Cape May history should know that the mugs of people who have passed on are pointed towards the sea.) Fortunately mine is not!  The Ugly Mug is on the interior of the Washington Street Mall at Decatur Street.



Saturday’s lunch for us was at Delaney’s Irish Pub, just one block down the mall from The Mug, at Jackson Street. We once again enjoyed an assortment of appetizers, though they do feature a full menu of quality pub-style dishes and fresh soups. Delaney’s has been in business there for a few years and we have enjoyed regular visits and lots of good food and drink in a friendly and low-key atmosphere. Going back a few years and for many years farther back, this spot was the “Jackson Mountain Café”, and was also run as a casual pub. The “Jackson Mountain” name came from the humorous observation that this corner of the mall at Jackson Street is actually the highest point above sea level in Cape May, at 14 feet and change! I guess this means that if the hurricane had hit New Jersey head on, Delaney’s might have been a good place for the hurricane party!

All in all it was a good weekend and we are glad that Hurricane Joaquin decided NOT to drop by! The vast majority of my LCMR classmates seem to be doing well and I am thrilled about that.

Backyard at normal high tide in July
backyard Joaquin
Backyard at high tide Saturday Oct 3rd






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