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We visited Cape May, New Jersey over the first weekend of October to attend my high school reunion. It was a busy weekend full of visiting both friends and family and as always trying to do a bit of touristy wandering as well.

Though we didn’t make it there this particular weekend, one of our favorite things to do when in the area is to visit the Cape May Winery on Town Bank Road, maybe a half mile west of Seashore Road. It is a beautiful establishment built around a very professional operation that also happens to create some really high quality, delicious wines! It is owned and operated by Toby Craig and his family, who also run Lucky Bones and The Washington Inn, which are two of Cape May’s most popular and successful restaurants. A fine gourmet shop on the Washington Street Mall – “Love The Cook,” is also a Craig family establishment and is a great place to “shop” into whilst strolling the mall.     (Full disclosure that the Craig family and my own family have been friends for years but I wouldn’t rave about their work if they weren’t really good at what they do!)

One should be forgiven for not immediately associating the southern tip of New Jersey with serious wine, but the Cape May Winery produces just that. Yes, it is a wonderful building with beautiful, peaceful gardens, an inviting patio, and is a great spot for weddings or other events, but the focus is clearly on the wine itself. The beautiful surroundings are a nice bonus.

We like to buy a bottle of wine and maybe one of their cheeses and some crackers, and just relax on the back patio. Maybe a Zinfandel for us but suit yourself. It is a really nice way to while away a chunk of an afternoon! The last time we did just this, Betsy Craig (a fellow Lower Cape May Regional High School grad), was gracious enough to pop by for a chat and offer us an insider tour of the newest parts of the actual wine-making facility. It was a fun and unexpected treat! Click on any of the pictures for a quick tour from this past July.

Please check out the Cape May Winery website for more pictures and other information and do stop in for a glass or a case of wine!


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