100 Best Hotels vs. Villa Rental

We just received our latest issue of Town & Country magazine. T & C is a beautiful magazine that is mostly about very rich people doing very expensive things in very expensive places while wearing very expensive clothes and watches!  We have had a subscription for about a year because it is fun to browse through and was a great deal to subscribe.

town and country 100 10152015This latest issue included a special Travel magazine (pictured) that features the cover article “100 Hotels That Will Change Your Life”.  The article is basically a list of 100 mostly very fancy or exotic resorts and hotels in all corners of the world compiled by a panel of 30 or so “experts” in exotic or specialty travel.

It’s a fun article, with lots of pictures and brief blurbs on these travel destinations, but it takes me back to my original mission for this Working Stiff Traveler blog. Remember Robin Leach from that old hit show- “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”?  I liked to joke that he was always saying things like (Robin Leach voice) – “We’re showing you things you can’t afford!…..  You’ll never stay here!”

Anyway, I went through the T & C article and randomly picked 10 of the per- night rates listed in the blurb. The average of those 10 was $755/night.   I spotted several other properties that were $4,000, $5,000, or more than $6,000 a night.  I averaged three of the more expensive properties and came up with a starting nightly rate of $5,676!

Like I stated when I started this blog, I realize that there are many fine people who can spend money like that and not break a sweat, and good for them I say! Also, there are more ordinary (working stiff) people who don’t vacation often and tend to save up for the occasional splurge.  Good for them also!  All this brings me back to wanting to tell people, as I often do, about the option to rent a villa rather than staying in a hotel.  You get some beautiful homes for a week at a cost equal to just a few nights in many hotels.  Of course you likely won’t have room service and no buff beach boy will be bringing a pina colada out to your beach chair – oh well.

Prices can vary greatly depending on time of year, type of house, location, and what extras might be offered, such as catering service or use of a car. VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) is a good place to start.  When on St. John in the US Virgin Islands, my family has used a local family business called Private Homes for Private Vacations quite a few times and they are always our first choice when going to that neck of the woods.

Click on any picture for a brief tour of some villas we have rented over the years. Houses and owners can change, so some may no longer be available to rent as of this writing.

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