Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA

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Today has been a beautiful fall day and a perfect day for a trip about 15 miles up the road to Peddler’s Village.

We first discovered Peddler’s Village, in Lahaska, PA, as a pleasant stopover on our way to or from the historic town of New Hope, which is perhaps 5 miles farther to the east on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River, opposite Lambertville, New Jersey.  New Hope is a historic town full of cafes, art galleries, and all sorts of interesting and unusual shops.  Mr. and Mrs. Working Stiff, along with friends and family have many times taken the 30-minute drive there for lunch, dinner, shopping, or just a pleasant stroll with an ice cream cone.  We are overdue for a trip to New Hope along the river and I’ll plan to write about that soon.

On our way to New Hope and about 15 miles from home, lies the historic town of Lahaska, PA.  The main attraction in that town is Peddler’s Village – an area mini-mecca of shopping, dining, and strolling.  It’s very easy to get to – quite hard to miss actually.  If you drive along PA Rte. 202 either south from the New Hope area or north from the Doylestown area, you just drive right into it.  There is plenty of free parking so get out and stroll around!


Peddler’s Village is a manufactured tourist destination made up like an old colonial era village and includes numerous historic buildings and gorgeous landscaping on about 42 acres.  There are more than 60 shops, 6 restaurants, and a 71-room inn.  In more recent years the village has expanded from one side of Rte. 202 across to the other where now can be found the Penn’s Purchase outlet shops.

We were in the Chadds Ford Winery shop just today, tasting some wine and chatting with a gentlemen who filled us in on some village history that we had not heard before.  He told us that it had all started back in 1962 with a man who had previously spent time in Carmel, California, and had been much enamored of that town.  He came out to Pennsylvania and set out to build a village in the style of Carmel!   Now, the Working Stiff has been fortunate in the past to have spent a few hours in Carmel – a beautiful small town overlooking the rugged Pacific Coast – and now it all makes sense.  The lush landscaping, narrow alleys, a new shop down that street or up that street, and duck into a tavern for a bite.  Now that I know where the inspiration for Peddler’s Village came from I’ll have to pop back in to Carmel to refresh my memory!  Sounds like a potential future blog entry….

We had a very nice lunch, if not exactly low-fat, at Hart’s Tavern, a favorite and cozy destination.  Get there early or be prepared to wait for a table!  We have enjoyed a fine meal in the past at The Cock and Bull restaurant, which is attached to Hart’s Tavern, and just last August had an excellent lunch on the outside deck of The Buttonwood Grille.  There are several bakeries and ice cream shops as well if you are not up for a sit-down meal.

I consider it our great luck today that our after-lunch stroll took us past a stand where several young ladies were set up to sell steaming hot spiced cider from a great cauldron which sat atop a real fire pit. They were with Hewn Spirits, which has a storefront in the village and makes high-quality hand-crafted whiskeys and rums at their distillery nearby in Pipersville, PA.   Their excellent libations can be sampled at their tasting room right there in the village.  (Though, if you sample much of the Moonshine, don’t plan on getting too much studying done later!)  We settled for a hot cider with a generous dose of the fine Hewn Rum, mixed up to order by the lovely and super-intelligent ladies of Hewn. (See pictures.) It was delicious!  We agreed that had we not had some chores yet to accomplish today we could have happily downed several more of those special ciders!

Peddler’s Village is a great place to visit at any time of year, but is especially nice in the chilly weather when the leaves are blowing and the warm taverns beckon.  We will no doubt be back closer to Christmas to see it all done up with lights and garlands.  There is also the annual gingerbread house contest which is not to be missed when in the area.  You can view all the amazing gingerbread houses then pop over to the bakery for some gingerbread if you like.

If you can get to Peddler’s Village for some December holiday shopping, I think you’ll find it to be a wonderful experience.

Enjoy the pictures –


The Working Stiff

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  1. This is so interesting! I have been to Peddler’s Village and never knew it was designed after Carmel! I’ve never been there for their “grand illumination” but would love to catch that sometime.

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