Photo of the week – Bermuda Harbor at Christmas

A ship in the Bermuda Harbor at Christmas 1956

With this “Photo of the Week” entry I am kicking off a new blog category. I will pick an interesting photo each week, some old, some very old, some more recent, some great, and most likely some silly!  I will only use pictures taken either by me or by a family member. 

I’ll write about the circumstances of the photo and will try to include some information about the trip or the area. I will shoot for getting these entries out early in the week, Monday or Tuesday.


Looking across Bermuda Harbor at Christmas, 1956 read more

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Santa Overlooks Trunk Bay

While the picture above is actually NOT of anywhere in Pennsylvania, it is still true that we have been having a strangely warm Christmas week here in the northeast. Around the neighborhood of the Chateau Working Stiff temps were in the mid 60’s on Christmas Eve and raging close to 70 on Christmas Day! Very warm for this time of year.  I must readily admit though – it is nice to not have to be thinking about snow shovels or ice melt stuff yet!

We had a mostly quiet week and holiday with just the wife and I for both the eve and the big day. Christmas was very low-key and mostly lazy.  Just a few presents to open, a few bottles of wine to open, lots of corny Christmas music, and a wonderful dinner of that traditional Christmas classic – Chicken Piccata. read more

Leprechauns in North Carolina – oh my!

Special Leprechaun entrance at The Hibernian in Raleigh.
Special Leprechaun entrance at The Hibernian in Raleigh.

Mrs. Working Stiff and I visited my brother and his wife at their cool pad in Raleigh, North Carolina this past weekend. It was a long drive south on Thursday and a slightly longer drive north on Sunday (thanks to a wrong turn on my part!)  Aside from the simple pleasure of visiting people dear to us, we went seeking an infusion of the elusive and ephemeral “holiday spirit”.  We did in fact have a liberal daily infusion of various spirits which may well have included some “holiday spirit”. read more

A Festival of Gingerbread


I wrote recently about a visit to Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, Pennsylvania, that we took a week or so before Thanksgiving. Peddler’s Village is a fun place to spend a few hours or more at any time of year and offers lots of shopping and dining options in a unique and fun atmosphere.  The fall and winter holiday season is an especially great time to visit because they do such a good job with all the seasonal decorations.

When we were there in November the village was all done up with lots of cornstalks, hay bales, and pumpkins and other colorful squash of all varieties, in the common theme of festive fall decorating. Knowing that they have an annual tradition there of hosting a competitive holiday display of gingerbread houses, I made a mental note to return in December to take that in.  (As an aside, I was hoping that a Peddler’s Village visit and seeing all those elaborate gingerbread houses would help propel The Working Stiff into the holiday spirit!  That may have worked – I feel a slight nip of the spirit creeping in!) read more

A Christmas Conference

A Secret Meeting in The Woods

For three nights I had trekked out to that spot in the woods where I had heard talk of these secret meetings.  Once there, near the clearing, and after having spread out an old blanket on which to lay down, I waited patiently.  We had a recent coating of fluffy white snow which was lit almost as bright as day on each of the three nights by the near-full moon.  My first two stake-outs were uneventful, but on the third night the stars aligned, the moon was full, and I bore witness to some wonderful sights seldom seen! read more