A Festival of Gingerbread


I wrote recently about a visit to Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, Pennsylvania, that we took a week or so before Thanksgiving. Peddler’s Village is a fun place to spend a few hours or more at any time of year and offers lots of shopping and dining options in a unique and fun atmosphere.  The fall and winter holiday season is an especially great time to visit because they do such a good job with all the seasonal decorations.

When we were there in November the village was all done up with lots of cornstalks, hay bales, and pumpkins and other colorful squash of all varieties, in the common theme of festive fall decorating. Knowing that they have an annual tradition there of hosting a competitive holiday display of gingerbread houses, I made a mental note to return in December to take that in.  (As an aside, I was hoping that a Peddler’s Village visit and seeing all those elaborate gingerbread houses would help propel The Working Stiff into the holiday spirit!  That may have worked – I feel a slight nip of the spirit creeping in!)


Each year the gingerbread house competition is open to anyone who wants to take part and goes through a registration process. The gingerbread constructions are grouped into various categories, such as Traditional, Authentic Reproduction of a Significant Building, and several age ranges for the young folks.  A favorite of mine is the Significant Building category, though I must say that this year I could not identify some of the buildings.  In the past I do recall the White House, Independence Hall, Monticello, and others that I did successfully recognize.


Some of the submissions are much like what you would expect from a gingerbread house. Others are much more unique and unexpected, such as a gingerbread boat or a gingerbread lighthouse.  One this year was a gingerbread representation of a Monopoly board.  I wonder if whoever made that is from Atlantic City?

Check out the Peddler’s Village website for general information and for more specifics about the gingerbread competition.

Enjoy the pictures! (Sorry a few of them are a bit blurry.)


The Working Stiff

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