Photo of the week – Rainbow Bay Beach on Eleuthera

Eleuthera Beach 01042015

13 degrees this morning! Yikes!

I can’t really complain about how it’s so cold outside – it is January after all. It’s just that it happened so fast!   We were spoiled by all that unseasonably warm weather leading up to Christmas and even after, and now the arctic air has moved south to remind us that Mother Nature is still in charge.

At times like this I believe it can be good for the soul to look at pictures like today’s Photo of the Week. Maybe it can warm us up a little too.  If you are really lucky, maybe you’re even planning a trip south to the sunny islands.

This photo is of Rainbow Bay, on the island of Eleuthera, one of the Bahama “Out Islands”. Rainbow Bay is on the west coast of Eleuthera maybe 10 miles north of Governor’s Harbor, which is probably the island’s largest town.

While most visitors to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas go either to Nassau, on New Providence Island, or to the Freeport / Lucaya area on Grand Bahama Island to the north, for the casinos and big resorts, the out islands are where you want to go if you have a yen to see lots of perfect (and frequently empty!) post-card beaches. This is the true Bahamas, where you can meet the real people who live and work there every day.  They are a warm and welcoming people with great stories to tell.

The Bahamas is a nation of more than 700 islands, though many of them are tiny and uninhabited. Most of those islands are what are called the “Out Islands” which is just a loose reference to the rural islands apart from the main population centers.  Some of them are quite large and sparsely populated, sprinkled with small towns every few miles along the main road.  There are several that are essentially long thin strips of land, mostly in a north/south orientation, with one long main road running the length.  That road is typically called “The Queens Highway” regardless of what island you are on.  Eleuthera for example, is about 110 miles long and only a mile or two wide for much of its length.

Mrs. Working Stiff and I have been to several of the Out Islands and will post more about them in the future!


Keep warm


The Working Stiff

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  1. I was going to leave an accompanying picture, but, alas, it won’t let me. Anything you post about spots in the Caribbean will make me want to post a reply! We sure loved our 75 degree Christmas in NC, which is unusual, but welcome! 🙂

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