Photo of the Week – Two friends on St. John

SJdonkeys 01102015

While working on my recent blog entry regarding a comparison between the town of Cruz Bay and the “settlement” of Coral Bay, I had occasion to click through hundreds of St. John photos. This picture of these 2 resident donkeys caught my eye and I just think it’s a really fun picture.

All around the Virgin Islands there are many very wild areas where it is common to see a few of these guys or frequently larger groups of a half-dozen or more. On a side trip some years ago to the British Island of Virgin Gorda, I remember seeing someone’s car stopped in the road by a group of them, with one actually standing on the hood of their car!  Perhaps they were in cahoots with the local officials and this was some sort of toll-collection scheme – I don’t know.

Particularly around the eastern end of St. John, including the Coral Bay area, it is common to round the corner in your jeep and suddenly have to brake to avoid disrupting a donkey conference in the road. They are usually pretty good about getting out of the way by melting off up or down the hills on either side of the road.  You might see a group of them hanging out in a field looking for nibbly things, or you might see one wander across a parking lot.  In my experience they are mostly tame and gentle and will usually allow you to give them a pet or to scratch their heads.  Personally though, I would be careful about getting too close to the wrong end of one.  I have no doubt that a kick from one of those hooves could get you a stay at the Cruz Bay medical clinic right quick!


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