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Today’s Photo of the Week entry comes to you by virtue of the fact that I brush my teeth frequently.

Over the past few weeks I have spent some hours browsing through tons of jpeg files on my hard disk as well as digging through hundreds of actual paper photographs. (Yes, I still have piles and piles of those!)

I’ve been keeping an eye out for weird or simply interesting pictures for which there is an obvious story or that I can construct a story around.

Which brings me to the brushing of the teeth. I was standing in our master bathroom the other day doing just that and my gaze settled on my custom-painted bathroom door.

Some years ago, not long after moving in, I gutted and re-did the bathroom myself. I put down new plywood subflooring followed by the vinyl sheeting that can be seen in the picture.  I generally don’t think of myself as a creative person, or at least not in terms of arts like drawing or painting, but somehow I got this crazy idea to take the floor pattern up and onto the door, and up, up and away.  Having no sort of artistic training or experience, but being logical and knowing a little bit of math, I measured the spread between the lines on the floor and started messing around with reducing the distance between the lines at each horizontal juncture by ¼”.  This first guess proved to work really well.  The horizontal lines also needed to get ¼” closer at each step, so multiplying that ¼” out by the estimated number of horizontals, I placed the terminal marks along the top edge of the door and drew the vertical lines between bottom and top.  I ball parked how far from bottom the first horizontal should be drawn (as it makes the jump from the floor), and then continued the horizontals, each ¼” closer than the last.  The squares get gradually smaller as you go up, appearing to stretch out somewhat.  Whew!

Lastly, all the little black diamonds at the junctures needed to get smaller and smaller, so I made a series of cut-out templates in some card stock that I could paint through with a small brush.

Yes, I understand that it was probably crazy to go to all that fuss for a bathroom door, but it was fun and there you have it!


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