Milk, Bread, and Toilet Paper


Well, another storm has come and gone and with it the usual stampede of millions of people rushing to any possible store to by milk, bread, and toilet paper. Yes, milk, bread, and toilet paper are apparently the big three items sought in these manic pre-storm shopping trips.  I’ve been doing some googling on this broad topic and while I find many people talking about it and joking about it, I am also finding it hard to get to any real explanation.  The reasons for these items being at the top of most people’s emergency list seem to be some sort of government secret.  People joke that a storm is coming so we must prepare to sit on the toilet and eat French toast.  My best guess about the milk and bread is that parents are concerned about having kids stuck at home and are preparing to be able to dole out glasses of milk and peanut butter sandwiches.  As for the toilet paper, I don’t know. Seems to me that you should always be careful not to run too low on that.

Here at the Alpine Chateau Working Stiff, the snow started late Friday night but the trumpeting of the coming storm started at least by the prior Monday! We kept thinking that Monday was way too early for us to have much faith in anything a weatherperson says about the weekend, but in this case they do seem to have pegged it.

So as the week progressed, the scene at the local supermarkets heated up steadily. I did a small shopping trip to both Wegmans and Giant on Thursday afternoon and found both to be busier than they should have been on a Thursday afternoon.  I suspect a lot of people took the day off or left work early to go raid the grocery store.  I did buy some bread though not as a survival item.  My bread mission was to get a loaf of a weird favorite bread that Mrs. Working Stiff likes for her morning toast.  (Note that I’m not criticizing.  She calls it “my weird bread”.)  I completed this phase of my mission successfully.   I did not buy any milk for two reasons.  First, we don’t drink milk, and second, we already had enough.  I try to keep a quart of 1% around for recipes or for the occasional bowl of cereal, but neither of us ever drinks a glass of milk.  As for toilet paper, as the chief shopper, I had already made sure that we were well stocked with that, along with other paper goods.  The Mrs. and I are generally more concerned with – do we have enough wine, do we have movies to watch, do we have coffee and half & half.  Do we have pretzels.  Do we have a lemon in case she wants a martini – you know – the serious stuff.  Oh – do we have cat food!

We got lots of snow here but the high winds and subsequent drifting make it hard to measure. If I had to guess I would do some averaging and estimate that we got a good 20” of snow.  I hereby pronounce that to be enough snow!  I went out late Saturday afternoon and did some shoveling and running of the snow-thrower, and then we both went out in the sunshine early today to complete the job.  There is going to be a lot of snow sitting around for some time.  Enjoy the pictures.  To my few readers down in the sunny islands – this is what you are missing!


The Working Stiff

4 thoughts on “Milk, Bread, and Toilet Paper”

  1. Yeah, reason number ONE that I want to move further South — i.e. the Caribbean! And we have always wondered how many people are making that French Toast. We just want eggs, bread (toast), and coffee! Oh, maybe some beer and wine, etc. 🙂

  2. That snow is Un. Real! I once blew off reports of an impending blizzard, and the storm was so severe, it shut everything down (including the corporation where I worked) for 3 days. My inventory was: 1 egg, about an inch of milk (I don’t drink it, either), and a bulb of garlic! Lesson learned. I keep a rolling inventory of everything now, but if I fail, I just have to suck it up, grit my teeth, and go into the fray.

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