Photo of the Week – Encounters at LAX

encounters rest 02182016

This strange but well known landmark is something that many people have seen who either don’t know what it is or think it is something that it is not. I’m sure of it.  Or not.

The “Theme Building” was built at LAX in 1961 and is a wonderful example of Mid-Century “Googie” architecture. I have always loved both Mid-Century and “Googie” and I note that the Wikipedia page for this building uses both of those terms.  Googie architecture or style is used to describe all sorts of modern and space-age influenced architecture, signage, and interior motifs. Think Jetsons.  A common theme is the use of the boomerang shape for ashtrays, serving plates, tables, and all manner of decorative patterns on almost anything. read more

The Martini of the Dead


Last weekend was a huge event, anticipated by millions, celebrated all across the country, and discussed for days in the media – the new blog post from The Working Stiff.

Today again is a much-anticipated and special day. Couples everywhere have been making romantic plans all week, looking forward to tonight.  Women especially have been excitedly waiting for tonight’s big event!  Yes – this is it!  The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC at 9:00 tonight is nearly upon us!

I know that Mrs. Working Stiff has been very excited about the show tonight and will let nothing get in her way along those lines. I have had some fun all week with my comments such as, “oh, it’s a shame that the next debate has pre-empted The Walking Dead for this Sunday”, or “I heard on CNN that The Walking Dead has been cancelled for tonight due to that hastily organized special on the life of Antonin Scalia”.  These jokes of mine have not gone over well. read more

Photo of the Week – Volkswagen Spider


Did you think this photo of the week entry would be about a small sporty Volkswagen convertible?  Ha!

This is a picture I took in a junkyard in North Palm Springs, California. There were some other crazy metal sculptures there but this one has always amused me the most.  I guess the people there at Hole in the Wall Welding just like to have a bit of fun.

As you can see the spider body is most of an old VW bug and the legs are some kind of huge tubes. Menacing spikes jut out from the leg joints.  It watches over the junkyard as though waiting for innocent people to get caught up in its terrible web! read more

The Big Day is Here!

the big day_1

Yes – Sunday February 7th – at last the big day is here!  Grocery stores have been selling stacks of party trays, tons of chips and salsa, all manner of custom cakes, and cases and cases of beer.   Millions of excited people are eager with anticipation for the events of today.

Yes, here it is finally, dear hundred million fans – the big event is here at last – the new weekly blog post from The Working Stiff!! (Taking deep bow.)

What – you were thinking of something else? How could you be! read more

The Big Easy Doggie


I have only been to New Orleans once, and it was for about 22 hours. My parents had earned a free round-trip flight from one of their credit cards and had given it to me.  For one reason or other I was unable to use it for most of that year and it was early December that I realized I needed to use it within a few weeks or it would “go away”.

I was traveling regularly for work at that time and had lots of Starwood hotel points, which meant that I was able to get a free room at most any Sheraton or Westin hotel. I was out of vacation time though, or close to being out, so I needed a quick trip.  I got out the map and started thinking about where I could fly to where there would be a decent hotel and where there were interesting things to see and do.  Flying Continental from Philadelphia was somewhat limiting as Continental is not big there and I didn’t want to spend hours sitting in some connecting hub. read more

Coney Island


Mrs. Working Stiff is from the Detroit area, having grown up in the “down river” suburbs south of The Motor City. Back in the day when she was out late dancing or at a club with friends and it was time to find a place for some late junk food, the gang would drop in to a local “coney island”.  Not a coney island as in Coney Island, but a coney island as in a coney island.   Put down the cheese fries and raise your hand if you’re not confused yet.

I’m from the great state of New Jersey, which is considered by many to be the world headquarters of the type of restaurant that I’ve always call The Diner. Big on breakfast all day, burgers, meatloaf, and other short-order cooking and simple comfort foods.  Diners are frequently built to look like a train car – a “dining car” – and are frequently clad in stainless steel and chrome, but that isn’t strictly required. read more