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I have only been to New Orleans once, and it was for about 22 hours. My parents had earned a free round-trip flight from one of their credit cards and had given it to me.  For one reason or other I was unable to use it for most of that year and it was early December that I realized I needed to use it within a few weeks or it would “go away”.

I was traveling regularly for work at that time and had lots of Starwood hotel points, which meant that I was able to get a free room at most any Sheraton or Westin hotel. I was out of vacation time though, or close to being out, so I needed a quick trip.  I got out the map and started thinking about where I could fly to where there would be a decent hotel and where there were interesting things to see and do.  Flying Continental from Philadelphia was somewhat limiting as Continental is not big there and I didn’t want to spend hours sitting in some connecting hub.

I ended up with New Orleans, which was somewhere I had never been to and have not been to since. I booked a free room for one night at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street, right there in the French Quarter and perpendicular to Bourbon Street.  My flight from Philadelphia had a brief stopover in Dallas, getting me to Naw’lins by about noon.  I took the shuttle from the airport to the Sheraton and set out from there to see what I could of the city in what was left of the one day I had.  I was right there in the French Quarter, so whatever I did see was in that area.  I strolled down Bourbon Street where I had a beer here and there and found some lunch.  I toured through Jackson Square where there were numerous street performers, craft sellers, and makers of music.  I visited the famous Café du Monde, on the Mississippi waterfront, for strong coffee and a plate of beignets (not unlike donuts and literally mounded with powdered sugar).  After some good BBQ for dinner it was back out to Bourbon Street to take in the parade of craziness.  A somewhat subtle serving of craziness because it was not Mardi Gras or any other special date.  The decked-out doggie in today’s photo was posing happily while his human counterpart did magic tricks or some such for passers-by.

The next morning, Sunday, it was up early for a walk around the sleepy town, breakfast somewhere, and then to the airport and home. I have no doubt at all that New Orleans is a city deserving of a much longer visit, but that return trip still abides.

bigeasydog_2The bonus picture of the weiner dog was taken in Jackson Square. He appears to have plenty of legs but he must have been in need of the mechanical assist.


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