The Big Day is Here!

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Yes – Sunday February 7th – at last the big day is here!  Grocery stores have been selling stacks of party trays, tons of chips and salsa, all manner of custom cakes, and cases and cases of beer.   Millions of excited people are eager with anticipation for the events of today.

Yes, here it is finally, dear hundred million fans – the big event is here at last – the new weekly blog post from The Working Stiff!! (Taking deep bow.)

What – you were thinking of something else? How could you be!


Anyone who knows me at all knows that spectator sports is just not part of my life and never has been. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but my lack of interest in all that stuff stretches way back to my early youth.  In all honesty, as I sit here writing this today, I don’t know who is playing in the Super Bowl later today.  I know that it will be taking place in Santa Clara, California and there will be F-15 fighters protecting the skies.  I know that a commercial spot during the game can cost several million dollars.  Actually I think I heard that one of the teams is the Carolina something – the Carolina Pancakes maybe – pan something anyway.

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Years ago there were several football pools that would circulate around the office.   I would play sometimes and always used my special secret method of picking the teams based on whether or not I had been to that city.  I won at least once to the irritation of at least a few people who actually knew something about the sport!  I’m sure that my old co-workers must have fond memories of the yearly comment I would make upon hearing them go on and on about this game or that:

“Ah yes, fall is here,” I would say with great philosophical reflection. “That wonderful time of year when millions of otherwise normal people go around wearing very expensive shirts with another man’s name on them.”  Admit it guys – you miss me.

Speaking of my friends back in the office, I used to travel a lot for work and spent many weekends in our cities all across the country. On occasion I would find myself in a hotel where some sports team was staying. Being personally oblivious as far as what season it was or who was playing where, I would call one of the guys back in the office to get clued in. I was staying at a very nice Westin in Cincinnati and I noticed that there were a bunch of big guys around who had lots of little kids flocking around them seemingly asking for autographs.  I called my manager back at the office.  “Hey – is there a football team called The Tennessee Titans?  Oh Ok, they’re all over the hotel.  Is one of them named Eddie George?  Ah – because he’s sitting across the bar from me on his third vodka and tonic.”

There was another time in Milwaukee when I walked out of my hotel and was immediately accosted by a bunch of young lads asking for my autograph. At first I thought it was just another one of those times that people thought I was either Robert Redford or Sean Connery, but then I heard one of the kids ask if I was a ball player.  I’m sure I could have scribbled some name and made their day but I was honest with them.  I just told them that my name was Bill Gates and I was in the software field.  They moved on right away.

Mrs. Working Stiff and I made a strategic decision for this weekend. We went out to dinner at a favorite local pub LAST NIGHT, knowing that it would not be pleasant for us there today.  Today no doubt, the normally muted TVs will be turned up loud, and most likely there will be some bar patrons literally yelling out loud at the TV.  So tonight we will be home and I will cook a nice dinner.

I already went out early this morning to the grocery store, where I did observe people picking up party trays and football shaped cookies and cakes. I noted a large display of a strange product that seems to appear for big events – an odd thing called a “tomato pie” (see picture).  It appears to be a sort of pizza but without any of the things that make pizza delicious. I thing this may be Philadelphia area thing.  Well, I guess not everything can be as majestic as the cheese steak!  Very strange.

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Another thing I noted was a display of all sorts of products that were bacon-flavored. There were boxes of some kind of bacon-flavored cookies, though mercifully the pound cake did not appear to be touched by the bacon.  Don’t get me wrong now – bacon is one of the great decadent pleasures of life – but cookies?  Yecccch!

Enjoy the game. I thought of placing a Working Stiff add just before halftime, but couldn’t quite get the idea past the marketing department.


The Working Stiff

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