Photo of the Week – Volkswagen Spider


Did you think this photo of the week entry would be about a small sporty Volkswagen convertible?  Ha!

This is a picture I took in a junkyard in North Palm Springs, California. There were some other crazy metal sculptures there but this one has always amused me the most.  I guess the people there at Hole in the Wall Welding just like to have a bit of fun.

As you can see the spider body is most of an old VW bug and the legs are some kind of huge tubes. Menacing spikes jut out from the leg joints.  It watches over the junkyard as though waiting for innocent people to get caught up in its terrible web!

Palm Springs is in the “High Desert” area of California, about 55 miles east of Los Angeles and not far off of I-10 (or “The Ten” as they refer to it in California-speak.) It sits at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains not far south of Joshua Tree National Park.  The town is a goldmine of mid-century architecture and design and has quite a few famous landmark homes, such as the former cool pads of Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra.  Many movies and TV shows have been filmed there.

Here is a link to a page for the Kaufman Desert House, by architect Richard Neutra. You may recognize this house from countless print ads in fashion or style magazines.

And here is a link to the Wikipedia page for Palm Springs.

I have been fortunate to have been out to Palm Springs three or four times and have found it a strange and really cool place to visit. And I don’t mean cool as in temperature!  It is quite normal for it to be 110 or 115 degrees out there in the summer.  (But it’s a DRY heat.  Ha ha ha.)  If you find yourself out in the Southern California Desert, check it out!


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