The Martini of the Dead


Last weekend was a huge event, anticipated by millions, celebrated all across the country, and discussed for days in the media – the new blog post from The Working Stiff.

Today again is a much-anticipated and special day. Couples everywhere have been making romantic plans all week, looking forward to tonight.  Women especially have been excitedly waiting for tonight’s big event!  Yes – this is it!  The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC at 9:00 tonight is nearly upon us!

I know that Mrs. Working Stiff has been very excited about the show tonight and will let nothing get in her way along those lines. I have had some fun all week with my comments such as, “oh, it’s a shame that the next debate has pre-empted The Walking Dead for this Sunday”, or “I heard on CNN that The Walking Dead has been cancelled for tonight due to that hastily organized special on the life of Antonin Scalia”.  These jokes of mine have not gone over well.

On a side note, it is also Valentine’s Day! Yes, the Queen of the Hallmark Holidays.  There are a million reasons that I am very lucky to have the wife that I have, and one of them is that she truly does not care about Valentine’s Day.  We generally go out to some simple dinner, but it isn’t any kind of big deal for us.  She forbids me to spend money on flowers and does not want a big chocolate heart.  We try to celebrate the little things regularly and aren’t big believers in the idea that we have to go out and buy xxxx because it is this day or that day.  We don’t eat much chocolate but generally have at least some small supply in the house, favoring very dark plain chocolate bars.  A little chocolate every now and then is a good thing!

For the combined occasions of Valentine’s Day and the Walking Dead premier, I created a special martini for her. I know that many people like a “dirty martini”, which is simply a martini garnished with an olive and also with some of the brine from the olive jar splashed into the drink.  I figured for this grand occasion tonight that a “bloody martini” was in order.  Unfortunately when I was in Wegman’s I didn’t think to pick up a blood orange for a garnish.  Oh well, cherries will have to do.


My standard martini recipe:

3-4 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin (or some other high quality gin)

½ oz. dry vermouth

Lemon peel or olives for garnish


Drop a handful of ice into a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. Add the booze.  Stir in a vigorous circular motion with a long cocktail spoon for twenty seconds.  For lemon Garnish, give the peel a quick twist over the empty glass to spray a fine lemon mist.  For olives, spear one or more olives onto a toothpick or a little plastic sword and drop into glass.  Strain liquor into glass and serve immediately.


For a very dry martini, use just a splash of vermouth. Alternatively, put gin only into the mixing glass and while stirring, glance across the room at the vermouth bottle. For a dirty martini, add a splash of the olive brine.  But this above all – understand that a martini is gin and vermouth – not vodka.  If you want a vodka martini, that is a different thing and you have to say that.

Enjoy! And happy Valentine’s Walking Dead Premiere Day –


The Working Stiff

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