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An old friend reminded me yesterday not to slack off on the Working Stiff blog, and I realized that I have been, though not intentionally. For much of the past few weeks I’ve been doing some concentrated study for two exams that I finally took (and passed!) last Tuesday.  So now my memory is all refreshed on binary numbers vs. hexadecimal, IP address formats, and the various speeds in gigahertz of the most common Wi-Fi transmission configurations.

Now that I’ve passed the exams and I’ll soon be getting a plastic card in the mail that says so, I can begin right away to forget most of that stuff.   Over the last few weeks I did also learn something really useful – how to make this fantastic oven-baked pancake!

As the Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer at the Chateau Working Stiff (well, bottle emptier is more like it), I am in charge of all grocery shopping, meal planning, and meal preparation. I take my role seriously and one thing I try to do is to go carefully through the two recipe magazines that arrive at our house every month. One of them is from a fancy local grocery store and the other is something called “All Recipes”.  I don’t know why we get the latter but it is a good publication and I usually find at least a few recipes to cut out and add to my sloppy recipe folder.

I saw today’s featured recipe recently, gave it a try, and it came out perfectly. It is really an elegant thing, both delicious and impressive looking.  The last time I made it I sprinkled a handful of very lightly sweetened fresh raspberries on top of each portion and we found that to be a wonderful addition.  Mrs. Working Stiff has requested one in the near future with some chopped walnuts and banana slivers.  I think that any kind of really ripe fresh berries would be great, or any fruit for that matter.  We love mango so I’m sure I’ll be trying that.  Oh, and the last two times I made it I used whole wheat flour for half of the total flour and that came out just fine, if a little more substantial in texture.


Please click Oven Baked Pancake for the recipe.

It is a beautiful and sunny almost-spring day here in Montgomery County Pennsyltucky, about 60 degrees and with a light breeze. I have heard tell from the weather folks that winter may give us one last slap on Sunday with some amount of snow.  I hope not, but what can you do?

We are headed south to Cape May for the weekend and I think I’ll take the wife on a ride down the old White Horse Pike (see previous blog entry), so she can enjoy some of the roadside Americana along the way. Maybe on our Sunday return trip we’ll complete the experience by traveling the Black Horse Pike.  Something to look forward to!

Happy First day of spring everyone – and try that pancake!


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