A Gem in The Back Yard – The Joseph Ambler Inn


Sometimes we need reminders of the good things in our own back yard. Twice in the past month or so Mrs. Working Stiff and I have stopped by a wonderful local inn for an after-dinner glass of wine and have enjoyed it very much each time.

The Joseph Ambler Inn offers comfortable lodging and fine dining in a historic “country manner” atmosphere. Made up of five historic buildings on 12 beautiful acres, it really is a charming place.  The various buildings gathered there evoke a feeling somewhat of a small country village, with brick walkways and lights hanging in the trees.  It is the rare weekend there, in nice weather at least, when there isn’t a wedding in progress on the grounds or in one of the several party rooms.  As a matter of fact – not all that many years ago – we had our own wedding there in one of those restored buildings.  (As a side note, our wedding was actually a cocktail party with a bonus. We sent out invitations for a cocktail party at the Joseph Ambler Inn, with a footnote stating that the cocktail party would be “immediately preceded by a brief wedding ceremony”!)

It’s fair to say that in our case, while the place is beautiful, it didn’t hurt that it is also around the corner from the Chateau Working Stiff! I mean really – I could throw a stone to it if I could throw a stone that far!  Of course I wouldn’t throw a stone at it. We just drive over and it’s about a three minute drive depending on what the light at the corner is doing.

On both of the recent occasions when we have popped over, they have had the outside (gas) fire pit lit on the brick patio and it has been wonderful to take our beverages just outside the bar to sit in the chairs gathered round. On both occasions we sat down by the fire and within minutes had been joined by groups of friendly people.  The first time it was a group of six professional people who were staying there at the inn and were on an annual get-together that was a tradition for them.  It reminded me of the Alan Alda film, “The Four Seasons”, which was about a group of three wealthy couples who coordinated trips together to different locations for each of the four seasons every year.  (To comedic and dramatic effect.)

On the second recent occasion, just this past weekend, we had been seated by the fire pit for no more than a few minutes when a gang of wedding guests poured out of their reception room and joined us. They were a most amusing and friendly crew and we enjoyed chatting with them before they had to move on to whatever the next wedding-related event was.

The Inn has been graced for years by pianist and vocalist Kurt Martin, performing in the lobby just by the main dining room on weekend nights. We have enjoyed sipping our wine and listening to Kurt many times.  He is available for weddings, parties, and just about any other kind of event.  He has an excellent website HERE.

If visiting the area for any reason, check out the Joseph Ambler Inn for first-class lodging, fine dining, or even just a cocktail in the wonderful country setting. Maybe we’ll see you by the fire!


The Working Stiff




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  1. And that brief wedding was lovely! As is this place. You’re lucky to have it so close by. We should put that “Killer Kitties” sign in our back yard. Only, it would apply to birds, not mice, I’m afraid.

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