Rally in Raleigh

I was going through pictures on my aging iPhone last week, trying to cut back to no more than two or three hundred of our two photogenic cats, when I happened upon this batch that I had taken late last year.  Mrs. Working Stiff and I had gone to Raleigh, NC, to visit my brother and sister-in law at their cool pad – a Boylan Heights bungalow.

We had a great time as always. One fun thing in particular that we did was to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art to see a temporary exhibit of beautiful classic cars.  I’m sorry that I’m just writing this a few weeks after the exhibit has ended, but it was really something to see and at least I have these pictures to share!

The exhibit was called “Rolling Sculpture: Art Deco Cars from the 1930s and ‘40s”. I had originally intended to capture a shot of the plaque listing the name of each car and giving a description, but I must have gotten caught up in all the automotive beauty and lost track of that mission. In the pictures below I note the name of the car if I happen to know it.  This is just a small sampling of the cars that were there, with one amazing motorcycle thrown in.  I like to think that I’d always recognize a Bugatti when I see one, and in fact I did from across the room on that day.  I got one good picture of it.

I did get a few great pictures (below) of the 1938 Talbot Lago, an absolutely lovely work of art in rolling steel and rubber. Some of us who have read the best-selling thrillers by prolific author Clive Cussler, (Raise the Titanic, Sahara, many others), may recall that his hero Dirk Pitt owned a Talbot Lago.  I think this is somewhat of an auto-biographical reference as Clive Cussler himself is a noted collector of rare and classic cars.

If you find yourself in the Raleigh area and want to visit a very nice (and not overwhelming) museum, give this one a shot. My brother and I saw the special M. C. Escher exhibit there the year before that was also really cool.  (Though looking at more than a few Escher works in quick succession can tire the brain!)

Enjoy the pictures. Note the close up of the “hood ornament” on the Avions Voisin.  Yikes!  I don’t want to get hung up on that.  Looks like something that could be mounted on one of the killer cars from that cinematic masterpiece “Death Race 2000”.


The Working Stiff

3 thoughts on “Rally in Raleigh”

  1. I think I’d have to settle for the Talbot Lago: after all, we were born the same year.
    Now if only we had all hung onto my father’s 1914 Mercer……………………oh well.

  2. Miles
    Getting back in touch with your travels. Your Dad would have loved to see these beasts. Maybe he was there with you looking over your shoulder.

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