Bring it On Home

NOTHING to do with Mickey Mantle!


We spent last weekend in Cape May, where the wintry winds did not prevent us from having a very nice time. As can be seen in the photos (courtesy of Mrs. Working Stiff), we enjoyed a bit of a wine/beer tour of the town on Saturday.   We had a delicious and nutritious lunch of pretzel bites and French fries at The Ugly Mug, which is one of our favorite spots on the Washington Street Mall.  (Both the pretzel bites and the fries are GOOD!)

“The Mug” is known for the hundreds of ceramic mugs hanging from the ceiling.  The process for getting one has always been designed to limit access – meaning that they don’t want any old patron who comes down for a weekend to be able to get one.  It used to be that you had to be there on a certain weekday way off season to apply.  On this particular weekend I made the momentous decision to bring my mug home!  Over the years I have had fun on my occasional visits with getting it down and using it, at least if I was going to be drinking beer.  The policy has always been that if you can find it and reach it, they will wash it and serve you with it.  For me, that has never been a problem, though it has moved around from time to time – or should I say from hook to hook.

Every once in a while when they have done a major cleaning or some maintenance work, the mugs have been moved around. I just decided that I’d enjoyed having it there long enough (thirty years?), and was concerned about it getting lost in the shuffle.  I was also concerned that some new young whippersnapper-worker might sort through them and say “oh that guy – he moved away years ago”.  The nerve of that unknown person potentially doing something like that!

So now it is home and we will find a place of honor for it in the Chateau Working Stiff. I don’t drink beer very often these days but I will try to remember the mug when I do.  Funny – when we were enjoying our fine repast of pretzel bites and fries, a couple came in and sat at the bar beside us, and were served in their own mugs.  The man saw mine and said something like “oh, you must be a Mickey Mantle fan”.

I really didn’t know what he was talking about and I told him as much. He pointed to the number on my mug and said something like “… Mickey Mantle – number seven”.

Oh woe is me, I thought to myself! By all the gods – let’s not bring it down to that level! Baseball for cryin’ out loud!  I mean, get with it man.

He seemed like a nice guy so I refrained from pointing out his shortcomings.

“No, that isn’t ‘seven’”, I said to him. “It’s ‘oh-oh-seven’”.

He finally nodded in understanding and I quickly forgave him for his slowness.

Upon quitting the Ugly Mug we decided to have a glass of wine at the new Fins restaurant and bar just next door (the pictures with the glowing blue bar).   Fins is a great looking place with a decent deal on wines by the glass.  It took over the space that for decades has been The Pilot House, a Cape May institution.  The Tarpon Tavern going even farther back (to the early seventies I think).

Later that day was an early dinner at one of our favorite places in town – Lucky Bones. Enjoy the pictures!


Oh – in other astounding news, I recently got in the car and saw something interesting (pic below). Go ahead – call me a weirdo if you must – I’ve heard it before.  See you again in 11,111 miles!



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