Winter to Summer

Visiting the mall in the first week of spring


Never mind spring – welcome to summer! It was in the low 80s yesterday and I believe we are expecting around 85 on Sunday.  I guess all the Easter Eggs will be hard boiled!

Just a quick entry today because I wanted to share this picture I took just a few weeks ago in the last few days of winter. Here in the suburbs north of Philadelphia, Old Man Winter decided to give us one final smack in the face just days before the official start of spring.  Ironically, though we had been hit with “shovel-worthy” snow at least a few times throughout the winter, this storm, at the tail-end of March, was the only one for which I bothered to fire up the snow-thrower.

To those of us who are not familiar with snow-thrower operation – GOOD FOR YOU!

Those of us who have one and who know how to use it know that it doesn’t always make sense to bother with it. If we have a really light snow for example, like an inch maybe, or less, it’s just easier to zip through with the shovel and broom and be done with it.  Or if we have a really wet slushy snow, it also doesn’t make sense because it is likely to keep clogging up.  BUT – when we start to get six, eight, ten inches or more of a fairly dry snow – that’s when the thing can really earn its keep!  You can zip right along and clear off fifty feet of sidewalk in a fraction of the time it would take you to have two shoveling-induced heart attacks!

This last snow of the winter was most definitely worth the effort of pushing the mean thing out of the garage and warming it up.

Speaking of pushing it out of the garage, that’s another thing that we snow-thrower owners have learned. When winter is coming and the threat of snow looms, you need to remember to get it out of the shed or wherever it is hidden away and set it just inside the garage – ready to shove right out to face the snow.  When we stroll through the neighborhood and someone happens to have their garage door open, I see them all the time.  Right there inside the garage and ready to shove out.

Last weekend I drained the gas out of it and hid it away in the shed, where it can go dormant until I resuscitate it next December. Lawn mower season is upon us at this point – oh joy!

Anyway the picture of the Working Stiff Explorer above was actually taken a good ten days or so after this recent big storm. I had popped over to the mall one afternoon and was amused by the size of the snow pile that the plows had piled up when clearing the parking lot.  That’s a lot of snow.

Below is a picture of the beast – ready to shove out to meet the snow!


The Working Stiff

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