Some Ambient Morning

Just a brief entry to report on a strange and interesting thing we encountered this morning.  It being a leisurely Sunday morning we were relaxing upstairs with our coffee and waking up gradually to our favorite Philadelphia radio station, WXPN 88.5.

I should mention that WXPN does a regular morning show on Sunday that they call Sleepy Hollow.  It’s all about quiet music to wake up to.  Earlier than that, like midnight to six A.M. or close to that, is a show called Echoes, which features all manner of new age and trance-like music.  (We rarely hear that show unless we are doing something unusual such as driving to the airport for a super-early flight.)  Generally, that stuff stops by about 6:00 and they start playing more mainstream music.

So, we were a bit surprised this morning when we noticed that this extremely subtle, new-agey type of music was playing much later than is normally the case.  By about 7:30 we hadn’t heard a human voice at all and were wondering if the DJ had keeled over in the studio leaving the weird stuff playing.  I wanted to call them up and say “enough already – time to wake up”!

Mrs. Working Stiff logged on to the station website and found the answer to this great mystery!  We were hearing the tail end of the live broadcast of a “sleep concert”!  Who woulda thunk it!

The station had done a special broadcast of a “sleep concert” produced in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Stars End Ambient Radio.  The artist/musician Robert Rich played (produced?) his ambient music through the night from 12:00 A.M. straight through to 8:00.  This took place in a beautiful space in Philadelphia called The Rotunda Sanctuary.  About a hundred people brought their own sleeping bags and pillows to spend the night on the floor of this place while being lulled to sleep, or at least entranced, by the ambient music.  Whether or not they passed out coffee after everyone work up at 8:00 I don’t know!  You can see a few pictures and read more about it at

We don’t generally sleep very well.  We’re thinking of hiring this guy to come to our house and put us to sleep.

By the way, the photo at the top has nothing to do with this event, but it is a nice misty picture.  I thought it would go well with some nice ambient music.

The Working Stiff

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  1. If Mr. Rich played straight through from midnight to 7:30 – he has quite some chops – not mention endurance! Amazing he didn’t put himself to sleep!!

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