Paris to Philadelphia

Crepes are everywhere. Excellent and inexpensive street food!


Bon Voyage to us!

(Quick entry before we try to figure out our first ever Uber ride to Charles de Gaulle airport and our date with Air France.)

As Sir Paul says in one of my favorite Beatles songs, “Were on our way home”.

Between London and Paris, it has been a busy and exciting two weeks away from home.  We have had a fantastic time and have many more pictures and stories to share, but we are looking forward to getting home to our own home, bed, and kitties!

Yesterday morning, as we sipped our café au lait, we decided to bag the idea of waiting in line to go through the catacombs.  So, we shall add that to the list of things we had wanted to see or do, but cancelled due to long lines and/or massive pushy crowds.  Ah well, we just need to come back in November!

We have encountered exactly NONE of the legendary French rudeness towards Americans.  I’m not even sure that’s really a thing.  Everyone has been great to us, and helpful at any time that we needed help or asked for it.  We have had some good exercise in the French language.  Whenever we made some effort along those lines it was well received and we found that people listened carefully and were glad that we tried.  Many people here, particularly younger people, speak fluent English, and many others speak enough to get by.  Bear in mind that Paris is the world’s number one tourist destination.  The people working here in the stores, restaurants, and bars are accustomed to dealing with people from just about everywhere.  We have heard people switch between several languages with seeming ease depending upon what they are hearing from you.  At least enough to get along and get the dinner order accomplished.  Fortunately for us, “Pizza” is pretty much universally understood!

We have not tried any actual French-food restaurants.  Not so much because the menu is harder to figure out (though it is), but more because we don’t want that kind of food.  Those of my readers who know us will not be surprised that we have no interest in any kind of snails, oysters, rabbit, mussels, or onion soup!  No – we have gotten by primarily on Italian restaurants, which are easy to find and easier for us overall.  Confession though – and don’t tell anyone – we had lunch yesterday at The Hard Rock Café.  It was good though!   My bacon cheeseburger was excellent and Mrs. Working Stiff was thrilled to have chicken fingers with fries and ranch dressing!  No expensive t-shirts though.


A mixture of pictures today from all around, including a few from our rainy Tuesday in Bruges.  See you soon back in Les Etats Unis!


The Working Stiff

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  1. What a delightful record of your journey! We have enjoyed every episode of the Working Stiff and wife’s travels. We think those stories of rude French behavior towards Americans date back to the post-war era when American troops were everywhere and perhaps not the best ambassadors for their homeland.
    Having traveled in France in the 1970’s, I never experienced that famous rudeness either.

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