Up in The Air (and home)

The iconic Tower Bridge, which spans the Thames next to The Tower of London.

(I actually wrote the below and processed the photos on the plane in the middle of our flight, but then opted not to try to figure out how to get the WIFI connection.  We got home safely at almost 5:00 Saturday afternoon after an approximately 9-hour flight!  More soon on trip details, ups and downs, other stuff.)

This is a test.  This is only a test.  Can we do a blog entry from an airplane?  Why not?

It is about 6:00 PM Paris time / high noon Philadelphia time and we are 5 or 6 miles above the Atlantic Ocean hurtling through space inside an aluminum tube at 500 miles per hour.  I understand the physics of it, but it still doesn’t make much sense!

We are looking forward to our neighbor Judy picking us up at the airport and getting home to the kitty cats.  The parents of Mrs. Working Stiff have been at our house and we are looking forward to seeing them as well. It will be good to be in our own bed tonight.

We fired up the Uber app this morning for the first time ever and the car was outside within about two minutes.  The driver was a very nice man who spoke decent English and was driving a very clean recent year Mercedes.  The drive to the airport was uneventful despite heavy traffic and we were at the terminal within about 40 minutes.  We had very little trouble finding where to check in and several people were very helpful.  Inside security, the Air France – dominated dining and shopping area was one of the nicest airport waiting areas we have ever been in.  You could get a Starbucks coffee and then go on to shop for your Rolex watch or your Prada bag.  We just bought a bottle of water, though the other items were tempting.

The plane loaded on time and took off promptly.  We have bulkhead seats with tons of legroom and no window seat.  Just aisle, middle, a seat that isn’t there, and the emergency door.  Most importantly, the restroom is 3 steps away.  Many people would not like that but we do.  They said the flight should be about 7.5 hours so we should be in Philadelphia around 4:00 local time.  Of course, we will feel like it is 10 at night!  Fortunately, we have all day tomorrow to sort things out.  It has been September and October in Europe and I for one am looking forward to a little more summer in the US.



The Working Stiff

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