A Week on Block Island, Rhode Island


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Quick entry today, mostly because I wanted to share a link to a Block Island tour slideshow that I just uploaded to Youtube.

Mrs. Working Stiff and I, along with her parents, just spent a wonderful week there.  It has always been one of our favorite places.  We had quite a huge rental house with a large yard full of great old trees.  The house was on the southwest part of the island with views of Long Island off in the distance to the west.

With all the hurricanes that have been going on down south, we were expecting a week of dreary, rainy weather, but it really was surprisingly nice all week.  There was some rain and plenty of fog, but mostly at night, with lots of sun during the day.

We did have some serious family business to attend to during our trip, and that was that we needed to scatter the ashes of my late sister Debby, who passed away in August of last year.   It was a happy thing to take here there, as it was one of her favorite places also.

Monday, our second day, was such a nice day that we made a bonfire on the beach at Dorie’s Cove and Scattered Debby there.  I’m sure that she would have loved it, though she would have insisted on toasting marshmallos and making s’mores!  We settled for a few mini-bottles of wine.

Here is the Youtube link:  Block Island Tour September 2017

Also, here is a small assortment of pictures.  Some of these may also be in the slideshow.

Enjoy the tour!

The Working Stiff




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