Hello – and thank you for visiting Travels with the Working Stiff!  My wife Bonnie and I are real people.  We have day jobs in the business world and live in the Greater Philadelphia area.  When time and finances allow we love to travel.  For years I have enjoyed reading various travel magazines and sometimes even watching travel shows on TV, but one thing I have consistently noted is that they mostly seem to be versions of “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous,” and more useful as fantasy than as real travel information.  One particular glossy travel magazine that I subscribed to for years was beautiful to look at, but every other issue was “The New Gold List,” or “Top 100 Resort List,” etc., etc.  I started to think of these endless lists as “Top 10 Resorts Where Tom Cruise Can Afford to Stay,” or maybe “Oprah and Johnny Depp’s Favorite Vacation Spots.”

I’m being silly of course but you get the point.  I realize that there are many people who can spend $1000 a night on a hotel room without blinking an eye, but not many that I know!   My travel experiences have been more down-to-earth.   I am not a travel agent but have been a sort of student and lover of travel for some years.  My wife and I have been privileged to enjoy a dozen or so Caribbean vacations as well as a few brief trips to Europe and many trips around the US.  In my work life I have personally taken over 100 trips to 30 or more locations around the US.  We have become fairly good at it and have learned a lot.

Having done all that travel and having several thousand pictures to prove it, I started this blog as a creative outlet to both record and to share some of our experiences on the road and with life in general.  I hope you find some of this useful or at least amusing.  Thanks for visiting – and Bon Voyage!

Miles Nelson

(The Working Stiff)


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