Bring it On Home

NOTHING to do with Mickey Mantle!

We spent last weekend in Cape May, where the wintry winds did not prevent us from having a very nice time. As can be seen in the photos (courtesy of Mrs. Working Stiff), we enjoyed a bit of a wine/beer tour of the town on Saturday.   We had a delicious and nutritious lunch of pretzel bites and French fries at The Ugly Mug, which is one of our favorite spots on the Washington Street Mall.  (Both the pretzel bites and the fries are GOOD!)

“The Mug” is known for the hundreds of ceramic mugs hanging from the ceiling.  The process for getting one has always been designed to limit access – meaning that they don’t want any old patron who comes down for a weekend to be able to get one.  It used to be that you had to be there on a certain weekday way off season to apply.  On this particular weekend I made the momentous decision to bring my mug home!  Over the years I have had fun on my occasional visits with getting it down and using it, at least if I was going to be drinking beer.  The policy has always been that if you can find it and reach it, they will wash it and serve you with it.  For me, that has never been a problem, though it has moved around from time to time – or should I say from hook to hook. read more

Halloween in Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May Oct 1

I had the pleasure to be in Cape May for a few days just recently, right before Halloween. As it is the habit of the town to get all done up for holidays, so it was for that special spooky October date!  Public areas, such as the famous Washington Street Mall and the new Convention Hall area up on the promenade were festively decorated with cornstalks, pumpkins and other squash, and a fall rainbow of mums and similar flowering plants. Many home and shop owners had done the same, with some adding a skeleton or a witch hat here, a mummy there, all to help visitors get in the spooky mood. read more

A Cape May Boat Launch


My late father was a bit of a renaissance man. A WWII veteran, a casual race-car driver, a corporate executive, a published author, and an accomplished skier, surfer, swimmer, carpenter, plumber, electrician, sailor, and boat builder. Whew!  That list wears me out!  He was also a music lover and enjoyed his collection of jazz records, including what he thought might be the largest Django Reinhardt collection in the state.

He served on the school board for the regional high school for many years and was an active and respected member of that organization. He really liked helping the students however he could.  He was instrumental in starting up the school sailing club, which met regularly and taught interested high school students the art and skills of sailing small boats. read more

Cape May Winery


We visited Cape May, New Jersey over the first weekend of October to attend my high school reunion. It was a busy weekend full of visiting both friends and family and as always trying to do a bit of touristy wandering as well.

Though we didn’t make it there this particular weekend, one of our favorite things to do when in the area is to visit the Cape May Winery on Town Bank Road, maybe a half mile west of Seashore Road. It is a beautiful establishment built around a very professional operation that also happens to create some really high quality, delicious wines! It is owned and operated by Toby Craig and his family, who also run Lucky Bones and The Washington Inn, which are two of Cape May’s most popular and successful restaurants. A fine gourmet shop on the Washington Street Mall – “Love The Cook,” is also a Craig family establishment and is a great place to “shop” into whilst strolling the mall.     (Full disclosure that the Craig family and my own family have been friends for years but I wouldn’t rave about their work if they weren’t really good at what they do!) read more

A Mid-summer Night’s Morning

Not long after dawn on a mid-summer day the morning sun began to burn off the cooling curtain of mist that the Atlantic night had left behind. The dune grass bent to a light breeze and soft waves lapped at the powdery sand as a pod of dolphins played in the ocean just beyond the end of the jetty. A few early strollers on the promenade shared the fragile quiet with a group of piping plovers that danced at the water’s edge, teasing the waves whose watery fingers reached gently up the beach.

Block Island 2010 221

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