Photo of the Week – Cocodimama Resort


Some of us need another photographic warm-up after all that snow shoveling over the weekend! Today’s picture is of the Cocodimama Resort on Eleuthera, in the Bahamas.   (The actual full name is Cocodimama Charming Resort.)  I must say that is a strange name but it certainly is a charming place!   About 10 minutes north of Governor’s Harbor, the resort sits on beautiful Alabaster Bay, on the sheltered west coast of the island.

In 2013 it closed down for a major renovation and re-configuration and now specializes in renting out as one property to large parties of 20 – 30 people. With a nightly rate in the neighborhood of $1900 per night, it is probably not somewhere that Mr. and Mrs. Working Stiff will be seeing again anytime in the near future!  Realistically though, it could make good sense in a variety of situations.  Hosting a destination wedding for example.  Four nights would come to a base rate of $7,600 which is not all that much in wedding terms.  (Though almost twice the total cost of our wedding.)  Or for a company executive retreat – what the heck – it’s all a write-off!  Another way to look at it might be if you had a bunch of friends that wanted to pitch in for a fantastic week at the beach.  Seven nights for example, for six couples, would only be about $2200 sand dollars per couple – starts to not seem quite so crazy.  Coordinating that many people to commit to the travel and who would actually cough up the money in advance – hmmm.   If you can pull that off we are probably not moving in the same social circles. read more