Anniversary in Princeton

We did a little celebratin’ last weekend to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Working Stiff! We made a reservation at the Westin Princeton Forestal Village (on Rt. 1 just outside of Princeton) for Saturday night and set off on our mini-adventure.

Our first stop was Grounds for Sculpture, also just off Rt. 1 east of Trenton.  The weather was not great but it was good enough and we had a very nice visit overall.  (I’ve written about Grounds for Sculpture before – please see entry from 11/22/2015.) read more

Sculpture in the Grass

GroundsForSculpture 114

A visit to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey

Rest assured that I have not been sneaking about the woods spying on romantic young couples!  Pictured above is an amazingly life-like metallic sculpture by painter, sculptor, and philanthropist J. Seward Johnson II.  (As in Johnson & Johnson Band-Aids.)

Johnson first conceived the idea in 1984 of a public sculpture garden where people could experience contemporary art in a relaxed and informal setting.  Construction began in 1989 on the former site of the New Jersey State Fairgrounds in Hamilton, New Jersey, and Grounds for Sculpture opened to the public in 1992.  There are over 270 works, with many by Johnson himself but also many by other well-known artists.  It is a not-for-profit public corporation that is supported by visitor’s fees, donations, and grants. read more