Scarecrows at The Morris Arboretum


In a recent blog entry I told of our trip to the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill last weekend. It was a beautiful fall day and what a great place to stroll around.  For at least a few weeks now there has been a special display of art and artist-themed scarecrows.  I believe the seasonal scarecrow display is a regular thing that they do there at the arboretum.   Visitors are invited to vote on their favorite scarecrows and prizes are awarded based on that voting.


You can see in my pictures that some of the scarecrows are modeled after famous works of art, such as “The Mona Lisa”, or Klimt’s “The Kiss”, while others are modeled after the artists themselves, like Bob Ross, who did that “Joy of Painting” show on TV for years.   I’m not sure how Edward Prunerhands fits in there but it was very fun anyway.  My personal favorite was the “Where the Wild Things Are” entry, probably because I had that classic Maurice Sendak book as a kid and always treasured it.  (I still have it!)  They were all lots of fun and many of them were really well done and obviously the result of a lot of work. read more

The Morris Arboretum


We’ve been having some fantastic early-fall weather for most of the past 2 weeks or so, if a bit on the warm side for October. Yesterday in fact was one of those days for which we occasionally have to dust off the word “glorious”.  The air was crisp and in the high 50’s for most of the day.  A brilliant blue sky was generously painted with puffy cumulous clouds that allowed ample sun to warm the body and soul and to bring out the still-rich green of the grass.  This in contrast to the many shades of the changing and falling leaves made for a great day to be outdoors in the countryside. read more