The Big Easy Doggie


I have only been to New Orleans once, and it was for about 22 hours. My parents had earned a free round-trip flight from one of their credit cards and had given it to me.  For one reason or other I was unable to use it for most of that year and it was early December that I realized I needed to use it within a few weeks or it would “go away”.

I was traveling regularly for work at that time and had lots of Starwood hotel points, which meant that I was able to get a free room at most any Sheraton or Westin hotel. I was out of vacation time though, or close to being out, so I needed a quick trip.  I got out the map and started thinking about where I could fly to where there would be a decent hotel and where there were interesting things to see and do.  Flying Continental from Philadelphia was somewhat limiting as Continental is not big there and I didn’t want to spend hours sitting in some connecting hub. read more