Photo of the Week – Two friends on St. John

SJdonkeys 01102015

While working on my recent blog entry regarding a comparison between the town of Cruz Bay and the “settlement” of Coral Bay, I had occasion to click through hundreds of St. John photos. This picture of these 2 resident donkeys caught my eye and I just think it’s a really fun picture.

All around the Virgin Islands there are many very wild areas where it is common to see a few of these guys or frequently larger groups of a half-dozen or more. On a side trip some years ago to the British Island of Virgin Gorda, I remember seeing someone’s car stopped in the road by a group of them, with one actually standing on the hood of their car!  Perhaps they were in cahoots with the local officials and this was some sort of toll-collection scheme – I don’t know. read more

Donkeys, Iguanas, and Crabs – Oh My!


There is some interesting wildlife in the islands to be sure! Maybe from watching lots of movies I always expected there to be lots of huge and horrifying spiders, centipedes, and other monstrous bugs, but I haven’t really seen so much of that. A few large spiders – yes, and I saw at least one scorpion that fortunately for you I do not have a picture of. Lots of iguanas and all manner of geckos, anoles, and other smaller lizards. They are common fixtures around the houses and yards. It is nothing extraordinary to see a lizard up on the wall or darting across the deck as you approach.  Click any picture for a larger view. read more