The Martini of the Dead


Last weekend was a huge event, anticipated by millions, celebrated all across the country, and discussed for days in the media – the new blog post from The Working Stiff.

Today again is a much-anticipated and special day. Couples everywhere have been making romantic plans all week, looking forward to tonight.  Women especially have been excitedly waiting for tonight’s big event!  Yes – this is it!  The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC at 9:00 tonight is nearly upon us!

I know that Mrs. Working Stiff has been very excited about the show tonight and will let nothing get in her way along those lines. I have had some fun all week with my comments such as, “oh, it’s a shame that the next debate has pre-empted The Walking Dead for this Sunday”, or “I heard on CNN that The Walking Dead has been cancelled for tonight due to that hastily organized special on the life of Antonin Scalia”.  These jokes of mine have not gone over well. read more